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Fed Up With Cancer was established in 2010 by a team of people at MassPay, an HR/Payroll software & services company that is based in Beverly, Massachusetts. We have all been individually challenged by cancer in many different ways. We are "fed up" and decided to rally folks around fundraisers and provide an outlet for people to fight back against cancer.

How We Are Fighting Back

Fed Up With Cancer raises money to support charitable organizations that specialize in cancer research and prevention. We rally local businesses and stakeholders to fight cancer as a collective unit. With the teamwork of our community, we are making a difference in the fight against cancer.

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2017 Annual Fundraiser

Our 7th Annual Fundraising Event was a great success!

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“"Sometimes you just want to give up. But I had the support of the North Shore Cancer Center, family and friends to keep me going.”

“The disease itself is horrible, but the people that rally around you – doctors, nurses, friends, family – they are unbelievable. A lot of it is mental, and having everyone get behind me just lifted my spirits. Now it is time to help others.”

“It robs too many years and too many lives. To a cure!!”

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Taking the fight to cancer

Radio Interview with George Knight
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